Buzz Coaching – Tips to Improve your Game

My name is Scott Rohleder and over the last 25+ yearsScott Shooting Stance 300x168 - Buzz Coaching - Tips to Improve your Game I’ve spent a significant amount of time studying the game and learning everything I could about fundamentals, shot making, position play, and systems and continue to do so.  I believe very strongly that knowledge should be a critical component of every player’s competitive arsenal.

I enjoy teaching and regularly teach group clinics and individual lessons.  I’ve taught students from all over the country and even a few virtually worldwide.  I’d like to share some of my favorite drills and tips here as part of the Billiardbuzz community for free.  Hopefully the information will not only provide value to your game but also value to your wallet here on Billiardbuzz – check out the articles and you will see what I mean!

Back to Basics Part 1

Kicking Systems – System Sid

Video Drill – 15 Balls Across the Middle, one of my favorite drills

Mental Game:
Mental Game Coach – David Sapolis